Medical Services & Travel Clinic
Hato International Airport, Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

Tel: (+5999) 888 7511

Porto Medico is located at the Curaçao International Airport, between Curoil and Catering KLM building.

Medical Services

General practice

The Family physician practice Porto Medico is open for registered Seguro Basiko, private patients and tourists.

Porto Medico is open during the mentioned office hours and offers 24 hrs coverage by “doctor on call” service for emergencies from 7 pm till 7 am and during weekends. Please call 888 7511 and the answering machine will announce the doctor on call.


Porto Medico offers pharmacy services. Most of the commonly prescribed drugs are available. This inhouse dispensing of drugs is convenient, efficient and timesaving for all customers.


Routine urine tests as well as drugs testing is done at Porto Medico. In cooperation with "Medical Laboratory Services" and "ADC", acknowledged laboratories in Curaçao, blood testing is performed.

Medical Examinations

Medical check ups are recommended for an update of medical status, for health awareness, early detection of pathology and prevention.

Pre-employment medical exams for a variety of jobs are performed. This is helpful in order to be able to make a prognosis of likely absenteeism or disability in the future.

The importance lies especially in the specific demands of certain jobs in the field, e.g. Cockpit and Cabin crew, for jobs with nightshifts etc.

Drugs screening, e.g. Cocaine, Marihuana etc. is required for any job at the airport facilities.

An ECG machine, Audiometry (Hearing Test), Titmus Vision testing, Tonometry (for eye pressure), Spirometry (lung function test) are available at Porto Medico.

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