Medical Services & Travel Clinic
Hato International Airport, Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

Tel: (+5999) 888 7511

Porto Medico is located at the Curaçao International Airport, between Curoil and Catering KLM building.


Medication in case you get sick

When you’re travelling, top-quality medical care isn’t always accessible.

Many travelers are aware of travelers diarrhea or gastro-enteritis, but that is not the only thing that can happen while travelling; For example, statistics show that 28% of travelers catch a respiratory tract infection.

As with your vaccinations, Porto Medico Travel Clinic tailors the medications we recommend to suit your specific destination, your length of stay and your medical history.

Porto Medico Travel Clinic can help you organize the necessary medication to have on hand in case you get sick. We can supply a Travel First Aid kit and , a letter of authority to carry these medications through customs, and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that tell you exactly what to take and when.

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